It took me a long time to be happy with where I was in life. Now when I say a long time…. I mean 25 years or more of acceptance.

I wanted to dance into the horizon, star-struck forever & thought that my life would be all about dance & dance performance. Things turned out differently.. That dream was not to be part of my bigger picture & I was disappointed.

I had sustained an injury that was really taking its time to heal. I could not get back into the dance arena & was getting older by the moment. Dance is short lived & if you miss the boat so to speak, then your all washed up on the shoreline! I needed to work to support myself & dance was no longer an option. My dream of dancing away into the sunset was a blur.

When I went into my training for being a Pilates Instructor, I felt sad & resentful. It was my second choice to teach Pilates but I knew I could do this job as I was a natural born teacher.

Accepting that kind of change can be hard. I even hated the change but the change was a necessary. If there is one certainty in life, it’s that there will  always be change.  I had to get ‘jiggy with it’.  I needed to pull myself out of my shit headspace.  Life demanded it.  And I’m glad that I stuck with pushing through with the necessary change, cos not only did life get better, I also began to love my job.

I now have a life by design. I created my job & I love it. I love the interaction with my clients & I am open to the treasures they also bring to my life. I choose to be involved with helping people to help themselves every day and in doing that I continue to help myself. It is a win win situation that I could have never imagined.   And I can only do that because I dug in deep to help myself when It was required.

I have been teaching Pilates for over 25 years & now is  the time when I am enjoying it the most.  The reward of the hard work is here! Yah!!

I am certain that I will continue to love my job for many more years to come.   I still create movement every day for myself & many others. This is rewarding for the artist in me. My studio is a safe place for movement to be explored, modified & adapted until it feels good.

What does your body need?


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