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Thank you for choosing Ellen Leigh Pilates for your Pilates Education experience. I hope to convey that Pilates is a combination of aligning your body & your mind and that together will change the way you think & move in your everyday life.

Ellen Leigh Pilates – ‘Align your Body & your Mind’

The Team

About Ellen Leigh the Teacher

With 30 years teaching experience, as a 4th Generation Pilates Instructor, I am very comfortable in assisting people to move their body. Beginning with Classical dance, I made my way to Sydney and into the wider world of Dance where I attained a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance) & went onto freelance musical theatre & contemporary dance performances. Alas, Injury and exhaustion headed me into the world of Pilates where I was soon teaching this discipline to a collection of business men & women, elite athletes & broken down dancers. I later returned to the Sunshine Coast here I continued teaching at a number of studios that offered accreditation in Gyrotonics, Pilates Barre, Aerial Pilates & a variety of Yoga disciplines.

With an interest in the body’s desire to heal I have explored avenues in rehabilitative therapies & natural nutrition that I apply firstly to myself as a pledge to the ongoing adaptation that assists the frequent change that occurs within my own body.

I have a love of deep stretching as a way to restore the nervous system & as a means to complement the body’s instinctive ability to self-heal.
I also believe in combining the natural breath consciously as a way to promote mind-body communication & integration.

My mind- body training extends to a Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming which has given me the tools to bridge the gap between class content & client education. As the mind & body are integral to each other, the verbal communication between myself & my student is equally as important as the class repertoire.

When class content is spoken in a way the student can understand it, it is then that the transformation can begin. The transformation inspires the pathways of learning to become open & receptive – it is a chemical reaction that occurs..  both student & teacher are transformed

‘Freedom in Function’ – “Movement is a pathway that can facilitate physical & mental health & wellbeing. As individuals we are innately designed to live in health & freedom. This freedom is present when we embrace our natural strengths with our internal rhythm or ‘dance’. When we ‘dance to the beat of our own drum’, mind-body alignment can occur 

Bachelor Creative Arts – Dance
APMA Comprehensive Pilates Certification
BASI Comprehensive Pilates Certification
SCBA Ballet Teaching: Studio Operation

Bonfire Hot Yoga Teacher
Xtend Barre Certification
Aerial Pilates & Yoga Certification
Masters Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Mother of Two Beautiful Children



Class Schedule


 All classes are no more than 4 people per class for personalised Instruction


Monday 6:30 – 11:30am

Tuesday 7:00am – 11:30am

Wednesday 6:30am – 11:30am

Thursday 7:00am – 11:30am

Friday 6:30 – 11:30am


Fee Structure

Pilates Packages

Initial Consultation $50

Casual Equipment Class $30

10 Pack $280

20 Pack $460

Private Classes $90

Each Class is 55 minutes – 1 hour in duration

24 hour constellation policy applies. Full Class Fee Applies


None Slip Socks are required for each class $25-$30 per pair


Call Ellen: 0425 295 266

Email Ellen: ellen@bodyforsoul.com.au